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Tag: discrete (7)

Tag: discrete (7)

When you want to be extra discreet about your public beer drinking, then simply attach this cool new Trinken Lid to the can's rim and slip it into a large paper coffee cup, like those used in most popular ... Continue
Discreetly carry your laptop on your back and under your jacket for maximum mobility and security.
This uniquely slim, lightweight and compact blade easily slips discretely into your wallet like a credit card!
These unique ceramic bird feeders are shaped like red Macintosh and green Granny Smith apples and camouflage naturally amongst the branches and leaves!
A great way to stylishly and discretely take your favorite wine on the go, like to parties, picnics, camping, hiking, the office, walking down the street, shopping, the gym, restaurants or anywhere else a nice glass of vino is ... Continue
The ultimate walking cane for the thirsty traveler!
Easily blends into the surface background to make repairs less obvious!

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