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Tag | Cheats (5)

Tag | Cheats (5)
Monopoly Cheaters Edition
The gameplay now incorporates cards that tell the player which cheat to attempt, like stealing money, skipping out on rent, faking a roll of the dice, etc. and if completed successfully results in a reward, but if caught the ... Continue
Mechanic Deck - Marked Deck of Animated Playing Cards
Dark and gritty industrial themed playing cards with gears and chains on the back that actually appear to move when riffling through them like a flip book and since there are different back designs, you can identify the values ... Continue
POPaPUTT - Pops Golf Ball Out of the Hole!
Cool prank items like POPaPUTT make games like golf much more fun. When your buddy isn't looking, stick the POPaPUTT into the hole. After he putts, sinks the ball on a great shot and thinks he's all that, the ... Continue
Laser Cue - Laser-Guided Pool Cue
You don't see a lot of innovation in the old analog clocks much anymore, but what would happen if you removed the minute hand and made the clock one-handed?
Incred-A-Ball - Remote Control Trick Golf Ball
I hate golf, but this brings some real fun back to the game.

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