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Chiming Water Bell Fountain

Chiming Water Bell Fountain

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Calm your nerves, relax your racing mind, and soothe away stress and anxiety when you listen to the tranquil, harmonious sounds emanating from this cool new Chiming Water Bell Fountain. Inside the black water bowl are 6 fixed bells and 2 floating bells made from solid polished brass that gently chime as they come into contact with each other while water bubbles up from a center sphere. It features an adjustable, continuous-duty pump to control the water's flow and frequency of the chimes and it can be enjoyed indoors or out. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Chiming Water Bell Fountain
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Chiming Water Bell Fountain
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Chiming Water Bell Fountain
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Chiming Water Bell Fountain
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Chiming Water Bell Fountain
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Chiming Water Bell Fountain
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Chiming Water Bell Fountain
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Chiming Water Bell Fountain
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Chiming Water Bell Fountain
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