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HeadLimes - Clip-On Beer and Cocktail Citrus Squeezers

HeadLimes - Clip-On Beer and Cocktail Citrus Squeezers

HeadLimes - Clip-On Beer and Cocktail Citrus Squeezers

Squeezing a lime into a beer or cocktail isn't really the most difficult task, but it is a lot more entertaining and efficient when squeezed with one of these cool new HeadLimes Clip-On Citrus Squeezers. These fun and reusable citrus holders/squeezers clip onto the lip of a beer bottle or the side of a cocktail glass and let you squeeze a lime or lemon wedge's juices directly down into the drink instead of all over your hands, in your eyes, and everything else around you. Also, did you ever wonder how clean the outside rind of a lemon or lime that has probably been rolling around on the floor behind the bar all evening actually is before you push it down into your beer bottle? This handy little clip on drink accessory solves that problem as well. Available in gator, lime, and football versions and are perfect for parties, tailgating, bars, luaus, restaurants, or anywhere limes and booze happen to be.

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  • Fun and entertaining lemon or lime holder and squeezer that makes any drink so much more engaging
  • Juices limes or lemons directly into your drink
  • Carefully engineered to funnel the lime juice directly in your drink
  • Clips to a beverage glass or beer bottle and adds a twist of citrus to any drink, getting the juice directly into your drink to avoid sticky or messy hands
  • No more dirty hands or bacteria-rich lime or lemon rinds going in your drink
  • Use these lime squeezers at parties, dinners, bars, restaurants, tailgating events and more - great bar, party and event accessories
  • Choose from Gator, Lime and Football Editions
  • Reusable

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