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Magnetic Lint Holder Bin For the Laundry Room

Magnetic Lint Holder Bin For the Laundry Room

Magnetic Lint Holder Bin For the Laundry Room

Here's something that you didn't know you needed or just gives you the idea to make your own. This cool new Magnetic Lint Holder Bin from A.J.A. & More is a small and handy magnetic waste bin that attaches to the side of any metal washer or dryer and can be used to collect the endless dryer lint or even used dryer sheets and other laundry room debris. A simple, space-saving alternative to the typical extra trash in the laundry room that takes up valuable space. Dryer lint can also be repurposed to make fire starters for a fireplace or firepit (this is why you keep the dryer vent clean!), clay, or paper mache or it can even be used in mulch / compost, lining planters, and much more. Great laundry room solution.

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  • Sleek design is specially designed to collect and store dryer lint and other laundry room debris, such as dryer sheets and more
  • Durable plastic lint bin has a super strong magnetic backing
  • Can be directly attached to the side of a metal washing machine or dryer
  • Built-in keyhole hanger to easily mount it to the wall
  • Repurpose dryer lint: Make clay out of it, make paper mache, line planters, make fire starters, and use the natural fibers for mulch/compost
  • Replaces the need to keep a trash can on your laundry room floor
  • Size: 9.25" W x 9.25" H x 2.75" D

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