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Crawfish Boil Tabletop

Crawfish Boil Tabletop

Crawfish Boil Tabletop


At your next huge crawfish boil, be sure to have plenty of Abita beer available, Zydeco music playing in the background, and this cool new Crawfish Boil Tabletop to feast upon. No matter whether you're serving up crawfish, crab, lobsters, shrimp, oysters, BBQ ribs, fried chicken, a ton of pistachios, or anything else that is going to require you to peel, crack open, or tear off with your teeth before eating and then tossing whatever remains, this convenient trash can / barrel tabletop is the perfect solution. Just put a garbage bag in a 55 gallon barrel or trash can and place this reusable plastic tabletop on top. It features 4 serving sections on each corner, 2 paper towel holders (you're gonna need 'em), 4 cupholders, 4 condiment slots, and big hole in the center to dispose of all the shells. Not sure how to eat a crawfish? Then check out this VIDEO. Cool huh? Hmm ,make that... C'est Bon!

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