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Handmade Slanted Bar Glass

Handmade Slanted Bar Glass

Handmade Slanted Bar Glass

This cool new Handmade Slanted Bar Glass will seem like it's at the perfect angle after a few glasses of your favorite bourbon, Scotch, beer, or other spirit. These unusual, 45 degree angled glasses are handmade by glassblower Ben Dombey in New Orleans, Louisiana and hold 8 oz of your favorite booze when it's in your hand and 6 oz when it's set down on the bar. Why? Simply because they look cool and the slanted angle helps to showcase the drink inside. Sold in sets of two.

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  • Put a new slant on any drink with one of these handmade slanted bar glasses
  • 45-degree angle brings a novel presentation to your favorite bourbon whiskey, Scotch, beer, or any other beverage
  • Holds approximately 6oz on the bar, 8oz in the hand (or a steep mountainside)
  • Slanted angle underscores the rich, amber liquid inside
  • Set of two

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