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IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones

IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones

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These cool new IceDrops Nuts and Bolts are reusable ceramic ice cubes shaped like nuts and bolts that chill down your favorite drinks without diluting them. Just freeze for a few hours, place a few in a glass, and pour your favorite Scotch, whiskey, vodka, martini, wine, etc over them to chill. They are made from completely non-porous and non-imparting ceramic that is inert, dense, and very durable and won't leave any aftertaste. After your drink, they can be tossed into the dishwasher or quickly hand-washed if you're not afraid of water and then refrozen and reused over and over again. They come in a set of six inside a muslin drawstring freezable pouch.

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Himalayan Salt Cube Drink Chillers
Chillable cubes of 100% pure Himalayan salt that can impart a subtle salty flavor to drinks without watering them down. Perfect for margaritas, bloody marys, and more.
Corkcicle Wine Chiller
Place this frosty icicle inside a wine bottle to chill the wine perfectly from the inside without dilution!
Star Wars BB-8 Droid Ice Cube Tray
If you loved the adorable little rolling droid ball BB-8 from Star Wars The Force Awakens, now you can have drinks with it too using this cool new Star Wars BB-8 Droid Ice Tray from Kotobukiya
Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray
This convenient silicone ice cube tray makes five 6 inch ice sticks that fit perfectly through the openings of most water bottles.
Giant Red Party Cup Ice Bucket
Perfect for chilling down bottled beverages, serving up some spiked punch, making an easy shot in beer pong, or quenching a mighty, mighty thirst.
Diamond Ice Cube Mold
Silicone mold produces one seriously blinged out ice cube!
Skybar Chill Cubes
If you like to enjoy your best top shelf liquors on the rocks, don't dilute them with melting ice cubes, just use these cool new stainless steel ice cubes.
Prepara Ice Ball Tray
Makes four perfectly round 2 inch ice balls that can be made from water or juice and packed with mint leaves, fruit slices, herbs, and more.
IceLiners Martini - Lines a Martini Glass With a Thin Layer of Ice
When you want your martini shaken and icy cold until the very last sip, then line your martini glass with a thin layer of ice first using this silicone mold.

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IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones
Stainless steel swizzle sticks filled with innovative freezer gel that stir and chill your drinks in the same motion without diluting it.
IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones
This horn-shaped pint glass is the perfect beer drinking vessel for chugging down cold ones at epic feasts, backyard BBQs, sporting events, man caves, or after any victory or good conquering.
IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones
Plan on getting bombed at your next party? Do it almost literally when you down a few cold beers from this cool new WMD Bombs Away Pint Glass.
IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones
A nautical-inspired decanter crafted from borosilicate glass that depicts a ship-in-a-bottle floating upon a sea of your favorite booze... like pirate rum!
IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones
The first and only wrist watch handcrafted from reclaimed American Oak whiskey barrels that were used to store whiskey for up to four years.
IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones
A little wine cork with an embedded light at the end that transforms any glass bottle into a light show.
IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones
The perfect martini is only a spray away with this easy to use martini mister.
IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones
The Life's-a-Party Beverage Buddy is really just a cool monkey statue that holds a bottle of booze. A real party monkey holding your booze probably wouldn't work out.
IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones
Show some class at your next blowout soiree when you upgrade from cheap disposable red party cups to reusable red party cups on fancy stems like these.

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