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FREE - BioTechniques Journal

FREE - BioTechniques Journal

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Do you like free stuff? Of course you do. Well, you need to head over to where you can subscribe to some really cool trade magazines that are free to professionals in the industry. I subscribe to quite a few of these and I wanted to share some of my favorite picks with you. So every Friday, we feature one cool magazine pick that you can subscribe to for free, that is, if you are a "qualified professional" in the industry.

Today's free magazine pick is: BioTechniques Journal!

BioTechniques is a peer-reviewed international journal that serves scientists engaged in basic and applied research. BioTechniques is read by laboratory scientists in universities, industry, and government who are engaged in biomedical and biotechnical research. Every paper published in the journal focuses on techniques and methods that are at the leading edge of bioresearch. As a result, the journal enjoys a high level of scientific respect, and each issue is saved and referred to often.

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