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Kittywalk Closet Sleeper

Kittywalk Closet Sleeper

Kittywalk Closet Sleeper

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Cats are always hiding somewhere and I can usually find mine either under the bed, behind the couch, in a laundry basket or in the closet. Well, I was looking for some kind of new bed/toy for my cat and I came across this cool Kittywalk Closet Sleeper. It's a little cat bed box that hangs from the clothes rod in the closet and keeps the cat from cozying up on your stuff. It's up high, it's hidden and it's a comfortable and secure place to take a nap, just all cats like. Be sure to leave the closet door open though.

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  • No more cat hairs on sweaters or shoes
  • Hangs easily from any closet clothes rail
  • Lightweight and easy to clean and transport
  • Only uses dead closet space
  • Leaves room for shirts above and shoes below
  • Removeable & washable faux fur pad
  • Unit folds up to a size smaller than a briefcase
  • Holds pets up to 15 lbs.

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