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The Picture of Everything by Howard Hallis

The Picture of Everything by Howard Hallis

The Picture of Everything by Howard Hallis

Artist Howard Hallis has included just about everything in his massive Picture of Everything. Yes, it's all there. I think.

Howard started this epic piece with a single drawing of Spider-Man and then decided to add the rest of the super heroes, cartoon characters, rock stars, movie stars, space ships, fantasy buildings, historical figures and places, religious figures, video games, monuments, famous vehicles, corporate logos, flags of the world, robots and so on and so on. The final painting, done entirely with colored pencils and Sharpies, measures 76.5 x 176 inches and is in 4 sections. You can see a reproduction on permanent display at Nova Express Cafe.

Howard, if you ever make prints, I'd definitely buy one to grace the halls of Green Head Headquarters. Incredible work.


Howard has been so kind as to add The Green Head to The Picture of Everything 2!!! LOL that's awesome, click here to see. Also, he is now offering limited edition prints here on eBay.

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