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Reusable Popcorn Bucket With Unpopped Kernel Catcher

Reusable Popcorn Bucket With Unpopped Kernel Catcher

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If you love munching on popcorn while watching great old movies at home without cracking your teeth on pesky unpopped kernels, then check out this cool new Hutzler Popcorn Bucket With Kernel Catcher. This large, reusable movie theater-style popcorn bucket has a removable insert with holes at the bottom that filter out all the unpopped kernels. It comes in large and small sizes, is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and is available in red or yellow. It's perfect for popcorn lovers who want to enjoy healthier homemade popcorn at home rather than taking out a loan just to visit an over-priced, unhealthy concession stand at a soon-to-be-extinct movie theater filled with either obnoxious phone-staring weirdos or, eerily, nobody at all. 🍿

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The Popcorn Print Bowl
It has a realistic photographic print of more popcorn on the inside, so when you run out, it looks like you have more. I think it's funny.
Spicy Dill Pickle Popcorn
This crazy flavored microwave popcorn combines real screaming hot habanero peppers with dill pickle seasoning for a unique spicy and savory snack.
Star Wars Death Star Hot Air Popcorn Maker
This fun popcorn maker is shaped like the dreaded Death Star and uses healthier hot air to pop it up - no SuperLaser required.
Kernel Filtering Popcorn Serving Bowl
Dome-shaped stoneware popcorn bowl with a colander-inspired bottom that filters out pesky unpopped popcorn kernels.
Admit One - Real Movie Ticket Bowls
I love popcorn with my movies and I'm always looking for the perfect popcorn bowl companion. Check out these really cool new Movie Ticket Bowls that are made from a real roll of Admit One tickets pressed outward to form a bowl and then sealed to hold the shape. Ingenious idea. These bowls would be perfect in any home theater.
Grow Your Own Popcorn Corn Plants
Want to make and enjoy the freshest popcorn at home possible, plus add a cool and unique crop to your backyard garden or even a patio container? Then simply grow your very own popcorn corn plants!
Hotwicks Popcorn Candle
This fun candle replicates that classic cinema scent of buttery popcorn popping that's perfect for movie nights at home.
Collapsible No-Oil Popcorn Popper
An all-in-one silicone popcorn popper / serving bowl that lets you pop up a big bowl of healthy popcorn in the microwave, without any oil, and then neatly collapses back down for compact, space-saving storage afterwards.
Star Wars R2-D2 Popcorn Maker
This heroic Astromech droid from a galaxy far, far away has traveled through time, space, and reality to our planet to help make healthier hot air-popped popcorn right on your kitchen countertop, because, well... merchandising.

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Reusable Popcorn Bucket With Unpopped Kernel Catcher
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Reusable Popcorn Bucket With Unpopped Kernel Catcher
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Reusable Popcorn Bucket With Unpopped Kernel Catcher
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Reusable Popcorn Bucket With Unpopped Kernel Catcher
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Reusable Popcorn Bucket With Unpopped Kernel Catcher
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Reusable Popcorn Bucket With Unpopped Kernel Catcher
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Reusable Popcorn Bucket With Unpopped Kernel Catcher
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Reusable Popcorn Bucket With Unpopped Kernel Catcher
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Reusable Popcorn Bucket With Unpopped Kernel Catcher
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