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Window-Mounted Cat Penthouse

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Window-Mounted Cat Penthouse

Give your furry feline friend the best view in the house with this cool new Window-Mounted Cat Penthouse. This window-mounted cat playhouse / perch allows them to lay in the sun, watch the birds, squirrels, and other backyard critters, take cat naps, and play. It features six powerful suction cups that securely attach to most windows or glass doors, can hold a bunch of cats up to 50 lbs worth, has open mesh windows for a cross breeze, a plush micro-fleece lining, and a built-in ledge.


  • Window-mounted penthouse for cats
  • The perfect window mounted entertainment room for your kitty
  • Ultimate sunbathing, bird watching, snoozing, entertaining spot for your kitty
  • Secures to most windows or glass doors via six powerful suction cups
  • Provides an elevated comfortable perch for multiple cats up to a total of 50 lbs
  • Open mesh windows let a feline peer outside and enjoy cross breezes
  • Built-in ledge provides easy in and out
  • Inside of the penthouse has a plush microfleece lining
  • Size: 23" W x 19" D x 9.5" H - 4.5 lbs

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