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Bear Bite - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Bear Bite - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

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Whether it's in a man cave or a bear cave, the cool new Bear Bite - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener should fit right in. This rugged bottle opener lets you crack open a brew or soda from the terrifying jaws of a durable, solid cast metal wall-mounted bear's head. Having a mighty bear gnawing off bottle caps is so much more preferable than having one chomping down on you.

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A sleek and sculptural corkscrew shaped like a little kangaroo with a handy bottle opener at the end of its tail.
Brooklyn Brew Shop Coasters - Built-In Bottle Openers
Coasters with handy hidden bottle openers built into the bottoms, ensuring that you'll have to hunt down a missing bottle opener again.
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It completely removes the top of a beer can, leaving only a smooth edge, so you can enjoy it more like a draft beer and eliminate disposable plastic party cups.
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50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener
These unique bottle openers have been upcycled from demilitarized .50 caliber bullet casings made in the USA.
Skeleton Key Corkscrews
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Stainless Steel - Be Open Beer Bottle Opener
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Fearsome T-Rex Dinosaur Bottle Opener
A fearsome and hefty bottle opener forged from cast iron in the shape of a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex that can bite off pesky bottle caps in its jaws with ease.

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Bear Bite - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
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Bear Bite - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
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Bear Bite - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
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Bear Bite - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
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Bear Bite - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
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Bear Bite - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
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