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Amazing Dinosaur Plant - Prehistoric Evergreen That Never Dies!

Amazing Dinosaur Plant - Prehistoric Evergreen That Never Dies!

I found this really cool plant called the Amazing Dinosaur Plant. Supposedly it pre-dates the dinosaurs, survived through their destruction, made it through the ice age and continues to thrive to this day in the 21st century. What's truly amazing about this plant is that it can dry up and hibernate for as long as 50 years at a time. During this time it will curl up and travel around with the wind like a tumbleweed in search of water. Once it finds moisture it can fully rejuvenate in one day. This death and resurrection process is then repeated for hundreds of years. Finally a plant that you can forget to water, watch it die, and not care at all. It's the perfect house plant!


  • Can be brought back to life in 1 day
  • Has specialized fluid-conducting tissues, which help to quickly hydrate itself.
  • Can hibernate for up to 50 years until placed in water
  • Can be revived and dried out repeatedly
  • No plant experience needed!
  • Also known as the Resurrection Plant, Rose of Jericho, Siempre Viva, Flor de Piedra, Doradilla & the Flower of rock.

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