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Tag: talent (4)

Tag: talent (4)

For 20 years, Creativity has taken you to the people and the processes behind the ads - who's creating change and how they're doing it. Where do you get your best ideas? In the shower? The sushi bar? All ... Continue
These crayons have 1 flat-sided surface to prevent them from rolling, come in 8 classic colors and are oversized and extra strong to resist breaking and make them easier to hold.
Check out this Amazing Sidewalk Art by artist Julian Beever. It must be hard to put in all this work just to see it washed away in the rain. Thankfully, there's pictures!
This retro arcade-inspired claw machine is a miniature version shaped like a rocket ship, yet is still designed to be as frustrating and difficult as possible to grab the candy inside using the joystick-controlled claw.

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