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1 Second Film - Want to Produce an IMAX Film With Us?

1 Second Film - Want to Produce an IMAX Film With Us?

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Would you like to help produce an IMAX film with us? Filmmaker Nirvan Mullick has conceived the ultimate fundraiser, The 1 Second Film, and is looking for producers, executive producers and associate producers to help finance it. For as little as $1, your name could be in the credits up on the IMAX screen with celebrities such as Kevin Bacon, Pierce Brosnan, Christina Ricci, The Green Head and me, Jennifer Castro (Red)!

The 1 Second Film is an ingenious animated feature that consists of 12 huge 5ft x 9ft paintings, each with its own director and each painted by hundreds of people in the course of one night. Each painting will be shot twice in 70mm IMAX to create the 24 frames of which the 1 second of film will consist. At 2 seconds into The 1 Second Film, the credits will begin rolling for around 40-60 minutes, along with a feature length documentary on the making of the film. Later, all of the paintings will go on exhibit and be auctioned off. All proceeds will then be donated to a good charity, The Global Fund for Women.

The 1 Second Film is all about the idea of life's perfect moments, "an idea that the perfect moments in life are often the smallest and most fleeting. Is it possible to create perfect moments?"

We hope you join us "Producers" in helping to create something unique for a really great cause and in the end you'll be rewarded 1 second of fame. Wouldn't it be cool if this won Best Picture at the Academy Awards and thousands of producers had to go up and accept the award!

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