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Bloody Butcher's Apron

Bloody Butcher's Apron

Bloody Butcher's Apron

The whole purpose of wearing an apron is to keep blood, grease and splatters from messing up your handsome attire and the funny new Bloody Butcher's Apron is one step ahead of you. This 100% cotton apron is covered in fake, yet very realistic, blood stains that will never wash out. Since its already a bloody mess, you can relax and simply focus on the cooking without worrying about getting it dirty. I'm not sure how others will react to it at your next summer BBQ, but it's definitely appropriate protective attire for flipping burgers, steaks, ribs and more. It definitely shouldn't be worn when you answer the door for police when your part gets out of control, nor should it be worn around vegetarians.



  • 100% cotton apron with bloodied butcher print
  • Not suitable for vegetarians
  • Size: 2.75' T x 2.25' W

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