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Burger King - Creepy King Halloween Mask

Burger King - Creepy King Halloween Mask

Burger King - Creepy King Halloween Mask

Wow, I thought the Wacko Jacko Halloween Mask was scary, but nothing is or ever will be creepier than that King from the Burger King ads. Well, now you too can don the royal burger crown and smile that evil lifeless grin with the officially licensed, one-size fits most, full, over-the-head, latex Burger King - King Halloween Mask!

I'm all grown up and I still fear that this King will be staring at me from outside my bedroom window one night holding up a Whopper sandwich. An even worse scenario, would be waking up in bed with him next to me (see video below). Creepy, creepy, creepy. If I truly had it my way...well never mind. I really could go for a Croissanwich right about now though, uh oh, now I'm afraid to turn around...



  • One-size fits most adults.
  • Officially licensed Burger King product.

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