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Jack-O-Wax - Carvable Pumpkin Candles

Jack-O-Wax - Carvable Pumpkin Candles

Jack-O-Wax - Carvable Pumpkin Candles

This Halloween, after you've carved up a few innocent pumpkins into ghoulishly sinister jack-o-lanterns, extend your creativity with a blade over to these cool new Jack-O-Wax - Carvable Pumpkin Candles. These little pumpkin candles are made with soft wax that can actually be carved, molded and shaped into any ghoulish expression you can think up. Each pumpkin includes a carving tool and a votive candle and holder that sits inside the hollowed gourd to complete the effect. Best of all, no messy pumpkin innards to scoop out!



  • Carvable wax pumpkin candles
  • Soft wax can be carved, molded and shaped
  • Includes carving tool, votive candle and holder, felt bottom
  • Size: 4.25" T x 4.25" Diameter

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