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Massive LEGO Stackable Storage Bricks

Massive LEGO Stackable Storage Bricks

Massive LEGO Stackable Storage Bricks

If you thought DUPLO bricks weren't big enough, then check out these cool new LEGO Storage Bricks. These massive lifesized versions of the tiny studded LEGO construction bricks not only have hollow interiors for storing regular LEGO bricks inside, they can also be stuck together, stacked and played with as well. Kids and adults alike finally won't mind cleaning up all their LEGOs off the floor. Available in 8-stud, 4-stud, and 2-stud brick sizes and in various colors.


  • Create a LEGO storage space for LEGO bricks, toys and more!
  • Build bigger-than-ever creations with life-sized LEGO bricks
  • Lifting studded lid and large hollow compartment
  • Size: 19” L x 9” W x 7" H
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