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Beta Inkless Emergency Pen Keyring

Beta Inkless Emergency Pen Keyring

Beta Inkless Emergency Pen Keyring

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With the cool new Beta Inkless Emergency Pen Keyring you'll never be without a working, writing instrument again. Unlike most pens that conveniently disappear into the ether when they're needed most, this handy compact pen stashes away neatly on your keychain. You'll never have to worry about it running out of ink or leaking either, because it's inkless and writes in virtually smudge-free metal. It's tip is made from a lead-based alloy, so as long as you don't chew on it or give it to your kids, you'll be good to go. Great solution, just don't lose your keys!


  • Inkless pen writes in metal
  • Virtually smudge-free
  • Never needs ink, or sharpening
  • Keychain style is always within arm's reach
  • Never go without a pen in an emergency!
  • Tip is lead-based - keep it out of the reach of kids and your mouth

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