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Beer Box Cowboy Hats

Beer Box Cowboy Hats

Beer Box Cowboy Hats

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Cousin Eddie: Hey, you look like you could use a cool one.
Clark: Now you're talking!

When it's time to put on your party hats, skip the pointy ones and don one of these cool new Beer Box Cowboy Hats. These ingenious cowboy hats are crafted from a real 18-pack case of Miller Lite, Coors Light or Miller Genuine Draft. Each officially licensed, brew-inspired hat is high crowned, wide-brimmed, weather-resistant and features an interior elastic banding for comfort. After the party, just twist off to remove.



  • Officially licensed and crafted from an 18-pack case
  • Versions: Miller Lite, Coors Light, Miller Genuine Draft
  • High crowned, wide-brimmed
  • Weather-resistant and features an interior elastic banding for comfort
  • One size fits most

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