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Newspaper Log Roller - Create Your Own Starter Logs!

Newspaper Log Roller - Create Your Own Starter Logs!

Newspaper Log Roller - Create Your Own Starter Logs!

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If you have fireplace and enjoy cozy wintry nights in front of the flames, you also know they are a pain to get started. I didn't attend Boys Scouts as a child, so my fire starting skills are basically non-existant. However, I am The Green Head and I am skilled at finding cool workarounds. Check out the ingenious Newspaper Log Roller. Simply insert up to 5 sheets of old newpaper at a time into the roller, turn the hand crank and Voila! instant tightly wound "starter logs"! With this thing at your side, you'll have a raging fire in your fireplace in no time.



  • An economical alternative to commercially available fire-starting logs - Your own newspaper logs also help to reduce wasted paper in landfills.
  • A safer way to help start a fire - Unlike loose, crumpled newspaper pages, tightly rolled "logs" are less likely to cause flying sparks and embers or fall out of the fire.
  • Traditional design roller adds a touch of nostalgia to the hearth and is made to last - It is constructed of heavyweight and durable wrought iron with large legs for stability.

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