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Papabubble Watermelon + Salt + Chili Candy

Papabubble Watermelon + Salt + Chili Candy

Papabubble Watermelon + Salt + Chili Candy

I don't know why, but these cool new Watermelon + Salt + Chili Candies from Papabubble sound mighty tasty right now, so thought I'd share. These little gourmet hard candies are handmade by artisan candy makers in NYC and mix up the refreshing sweetness of watermelons with a dash of saltiness and spicy chili powder. They come vacuum-packed in a resealable pouch. Yum.



  • South-of-the-border flavor profile laces juicy watermelon with salt and a kick of chili
  • Vacuum-packed in a resealable pouch
  • Ingredients: Sugar, water, glucose, citric acid, flavoring and chili powder
  • Made in USA

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