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Slice Vase Mill - Table-Friendly Spice Grinder

Slice Vase Mill - Table-Friendly Spice Grinder

Slice Vase Mill - Table-Friendly Spice Grinder

Do you have seriously hideous salt and pepper shakers that are ruining your dining experience every night? Then check out these cool new Slice Vase Mills. These unique spice mills have a stylish, vase-like design that you won't mind leaving out and can dispense rock salt, herbs, peppercorns, and more from the top to prevent messes. In addition to their confident exterior design, they also feature a spacious inner chamber and wear-resistant ceramic grinding mechanisms that can be adjusted from coarse to fine grinds. Available with a gray base for pepper, a white for salt, or buy them together in a set. Unfortunately, it won't hold water and a flower in between meals.


  • Table-Friendly™ design dispenses from top
  • For rock salt, herbs, peppercorns, etc.
  • Wear-resistant ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Coarse to fine adjustable grind
  • Never rusts
  • Spacious chamber
  • Color coded bases: Gray for pepper, white for salt

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