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Pedestal Pet Bowls

Pedestal Pet Bowls

Pedestal Pet Bowls

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These cool new Pedestal Pet Bowls not only let your pampered pooch dine in elevated style and comfort, they also add a dramatic touch to your home's decor as well. Each small and large pedestal is cast to look like an ancient column with elegant ornate details, realistic weathered coloring, and removable , easy to clean stainless steel bowls on top. You may need to swap your dog's collar with a fancy bowtie during feeding.


  • Elegant pet bowl holders are cast to look like ancient columns with ornate details and weathered coloring
  • Raised feeding height is better for your floors and your pets
  • Stainless-steel bowls are removable for easy cleaning
  • Small Bowl: 7.25" sq x 4.5" H - 16 oz
  • Large Bowl: 9" sq. x 9" H - 32 oz

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