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Roswell - Alien Butler Sculpture

Roswell - Alien Butler Sculpture

Roswell - Alien Butler Sculpture

Don't set another drink down on a mere side table again, when you can have this cool new Alien Butler Sculpture hold it for you. This out-of-this-world resin sculpture looks just like an alien visitor straight out of Roswell and he is most eager to be your humble servant. It's a fun decorative touch for all those who still believe and his tray can hold everything from drinks, coins and keys to Reese's Pieces. You had better keep an eye on this little guy though, he may not have come in peace.



  • Interplanetary tray to serve guests or to ponder the mysteries of this Master of the Galaxies
  • Cast in quality designer resin for use in home or garden
  • Sculpture lends otherworldly flair and style to any decor
  • 10.5" W x 6" D x 26" H - 7 lbs

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