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Sub Jumpa - World's First Underwater Pogo Stick

Sub Jumpa - World's First Underwater Pogo Stick

Sub Jumpa - World's First Underwater Pogo Stick

The Sub Jumpa is the world's first underwater pogo stick. It may look a bit like the pogo ball from the '80s, but this cool new pogo stick is designed solely for performing underwater stunts and acrobatics in your swimming pool. Simply stand on the non-slip footrest, grab the two rubber handlebars on the stick and start bouncing on the rigid water-filled ball. You can bounce effortlessly off the pool floor and walls or perform other underwater tricks like one handed flips and twisting somersaults. This time, it's not how many times you can pogo without falling off, it's how long you can hold your breath.



  • Rigid ball filled with water fits into the non-slip footrest
  • Stick made from heavy-duty ABS plastic with two rubber handlebars for a firm grip
  • For use with in-ground pools with solid surfaces

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