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Plastic Surgeon Package Opener

Plastic Surgeon Package Opener

Plastic Surgeon Package Opener

What is with the ridiculous packaging lately. It takes hours just to get the package open, if at all. I'm talking about packaging like those thick plastic clamshells, blister packs, CDs, DVDs or just any hard-to-open plastic seal. The Plastic Surgeon Package Opener is a cool new solution that lets you safely slice these packages right open. It uses a surgical grade stainless steel blade that never needs sharpening to quickly cut through the toughest of the tough packages. Hopefully it doesn't arrive packaged in one of those crazy packages though, which would be a bit ironic.



  • Ergonomic design keeps fingers away from sharp plastic edges
  • "Auto-close" cover provides added safety
  • Surgical grade stainless steel blade never needs sharpening
  • Easy to hold handle with cushion grip

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