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Cool Shot Dispenser- Stylish and Compact Liquor Cooling Technology

Cool Shot Dispenser- Stylish and Compact Liquor Cooling Technology

Cool Shot Dispenser- Stylish and Compact Liquor Cooling Technology

There so many great alcohol dispensing small appliances coming out lately that my home is starting to rival some of the best nightclubs, pubs, bars, taverns and saloons. The Cool Shot Dispenser blends compact modern style with the best in liquor cooling technologies - yes, ice.

Unlike those similar giant chilled shot machines you see behind the bar in professional establishments, the Cool Shot Dispenser simply uses ice to perfectly chill your shot. No electricity is wasted, it's easy to clean and store away when not in use and it won't take up your whole countertop! Just fill up the ice chamber, insert the custom stopper into a liquor bottle and place it upside-down into the Cool Shot Dispenser. When it's time to do a shot, turn the valve on the front and the liquor flows throw a series of aluminum tubes in the ice chamber and comes out perfectly chilled with no change in flavor. It absords the cold, not the water. After a long night of partying, the ice will have melted into a collection reservoir that drains easily.

Sure you could just keep a bottle of booze in the freezer to keep it cold as well, but this is one step cooler and lets you keep an eye on your supply.



  • Instantly cools alcohol without changing the flavor or consistency
  • Coiled aluminum tube technology for maximum cold transfer
  • Top loading ice chamber with reservoir for ice melt drainage
  • Custom stopper for inverted liquor loading
  • Plastic drip tray and stylish spigot with silver finish
  • Measures 15 X 7 X 11; Variable height increase with bottle inserted

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