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GasWatch - Propane Tank Gauge & Leak Detector

GasWatch - Propane Tank Gauge & Leak Detector

GasWatch - Propane Tank Gauge & Leak Detector

I was grilling up some mighty big pork chops here at Green Head HQ over the weekend, but when I went to flip them over something was terribly wrong. I nearly dropped my Jamaican Red Stripe beer when I realized at some point I had run out of gas. Of course I had no spare propane tank ready to go, so I had to GASP... finish cooking them indoors. Well I won't let another beautiful summer day of intense grilling be ruined by unexpected propane shortages, I'm getting a GasWatch - Propane Tank Gauge & Leak Detector. This cool gauge connects between the propane tank and the hose regulator and has a low-level gas indicator and even better, an emergency shutoff leak detector. The days of running out of gas and massive propane explosions are now history!



  • Regulator shuts off propane supply immediately upon detecting a leak
  • Low-level indicator alerts chef when tank is running out of propane
  • Connects easily between tank and regulator

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