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Tag: switch plates (5)

Tag: switch plates (5)

These hardcore, industrial light switch covers look like they came straight out of Dr. Frankenstein's lab with raw steel levers, gears, and plates and a wooden handle to throw the switch up or down.
The standard light switch doesn't generate much excitement when turning the lights on or off, but when you grab the joystick of this cool new Power-Up : Arcade Light Switch Plate you'll feel like you were warped back to ... Continue
A deliberately overcomplicated, yet completely functional and fun way to control the lights.
This ingenious light switch cover replaces your standard switch plate and has three hooks on the bottom that can conveniently hold your keys, jacket, dog leashes or anything else that's hangable (up to 5 lbs).
Clever light switch organizer lets you conveniently stash your mail, keys and more!

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