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Tag: space station (4)

Tag: space station (4)

Modeled after a very, very, very scaled down version of the Death Star II from Star Wars Return of the Jedi, this amazing fire pit will surely have you and your friends celebrating around it and shouting Yub Nub ... Continue
According to astronauts, outer space apparently has a distinctive scent and based on their descriptions over the years of returning from space walks, removing their helmets, and getting a strong whiff of it off their spacesuit, it can now ... Continue
Straight out of the Death Star's main gift shop comes this Imperial bean bag chair in the shape of the most powerful weapon in the universe, the Death Star
NASA's latest engineering innovations are reported FIRST in NASA Tech Briefs -- America's largest-circulation design engineering magazine. Each monthly issue features new product ideas and engineering solutions in Electronics, Photonics, Computing, Bio-Med, Materials, Nanotechnology, Mechanics, Machinery/Automation, Manufacturing, and more.

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