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Tag: polyethylene (6)

Tag: polyethylene (6)

When you absolutely, positively have to have one of the largest flower pots on the planet, right in your very own backyard (or front), look no further than the cool new GIO MONSTER from Italian designer Gio Colonna Romano. ... Continue
The Drop Floor Lamp is shaped like an inverted drop of liquid light ready to fall upwards.
The Drink Light is basically a giant ice bucket for keeping plenty of beer and wine bottles ice cold and unlike most coolers, it actually lights up and glows.
Prepare, store and serve up to 6 gallons in this heavy-duty beverage bucket.
These clear, polyethylene squeeze bottles with stainless steel tops are the ultimate chefs tool. Make dressings, sauces and wow your guests as you garnish like a pro!
These unique cheese storage bags from France are designed to simulate the environment of a cheese cave to help keep it fresh longer and preserve its flavor.

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