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Tag: fish tanks (6)

Tag: fish tanks (6)

This fun betta fish bowl is shaped like a miniature glass swimming pool complete with a copper diving board, should it so choose to decide to practice some high dives or majestic belly flops.
This unique, specially designed six gallon circular aquarium comes with everything you need to keep three large moon jellyfish happily fluttering around while completely mesmerizing any humans or curious cats looking in.
If you want to add an aquarium to your home or office, but are limited on space and not into heavy maintenance, then check this gorgeous and compact one out.
This innovative closed-loop eco-system allows vegetable plants and herbs growing on top to clean the water in the aquarium below, while the fish waste produced in the aquarium below fertilizes the plants above.
Unique glass fish bowl designed to look like a drop of water slipping over the edge.
If you're looking to boost your curb appeal, start with updating your boring old black trash bags.

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