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Tag: cures (6)

Tag: cures (6)

Can't get rid of the dreaded hiccups? Place one of these uniquely designed sticks in your mouth, bite down, and drink a cup of water...
Whatever you do to the ball, you also do to the image on your monitor!
Grow one of the most essential and beneficial plants in the world that can clean the air, soothe and heal skin, and treat cuts, scrapes, and burns.
The weirdest, coolest and probably most expensive set of stress balls you will see all day.
Just grab this little soft, but firm foam bat the next time you feel your temperature rise behind the wheel and feel free to visciously bash your dashboard, seat and steering wheel until you once again feel relieved and ... Continue
Simply tilt your head, pour it up one nostril and the water flows up, around and right back out the other side, flushing out the entire nasal cavity along with any congestion!

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