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Massive 6 Ft Inflatable Christmas Ornament

Massive 6 Ft Inflatable Christmas Ornament

Massive 6 Ft Inflatable Christmas Ornament

Take your outdoor holiday decorating to new heights, literally, when you drop one of these (or many) cool new Giant Inflatable Christmas Ornaments on your front lawn. This massive inflatable Christmas ornament stands a whopping 6 feet tall, has a built-in blower, and 2 internal super bright LEDs to illuminate it from within at night. To prevent a gigantic Christmas ornament from flying across the neighborhood on a windy winter day, it also includes a water bag that can be filled up with either water or sand to help weight it down and stakes and tethers for extra support if needed. Unfortunately, I don't think you have a Christmas tree big enough to hang this mega ornament.

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  • Giant 6 Ft Christmas Inflatable Ball Ornament
  • Red and white Christmas ornament features a snowflake pattern and the words "Merry Christmas"
  • 6x plastic ground stakes, 3x 6.6 ft tethers, 1 water bag, 1 plug, and built-in blower
  • 2 Super bright LED lights built-in
  • Self-inflated with built-in blower
  • Bottom zipper helps to quickly deflate and store it
  • Includes a water bag weight: requires to be filled with sand or water
  • You can also use ground stakes and tethers to provide extra support

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