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Boxes in Boxes in Boxes Prank Gift Box

Boxes in Boxes in Boxes Prank Gift Box

Boxes in Boxes in Boxes Prank Gift Box

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Want to give a gift in the most obnoxious way possible? Then gift it deep inside boxes within boxes within boxes with this cool new Boxes in a Box Prank from Witty Yeti. Inspired by Russian nesting dolls, this prank gift box contains 3 sets of 6 different smaller gift boxes that fit inside each other, starting with the large 12 inch box that opens to reveal a 10 inch box and then an 8 inch, 6 inch, 4 inch, and finally a little 2 inch box. With these 18 boxes, you can pull this gifting prank 3 times, hopefully to the same person.

It's perfect for gifting little gift cards (which could also be placed in smaller and smaller envelopes) or just a lump of coal for a naughty kid, but first you must ridiculously overwrap each of the inner gift boxes, stuff them with those annoying packing peanuts, and then fill the final little box with glitter... or you can get even more creative. It also makes a great gift for white elephant gift exchanges, birthdays, the boss, weddings, baby showers, retirement parties, enemies, shipping back a small return to Amazon, and much, much more. 😈🎁😫

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