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Tomato Heart Molds

Tomato Heart Molds

Tomato Heart Molds

These cool new Tomato Heart Molds from Japan let you grow whimsical heart-shaped cherry tomatoes in the garden. It comes in a set of five molds in various sizes where each is clipped on around a growing cherry tomato during its various stages of growth until it has the perfect heart shape. Once it achieves its final heart-shaped form, the mold can easily be removed and re-used on another cherry tomato. They're perfect for adding that extra wow factor to a typical boring salad and make fun gifts for tomato lovers.

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  • Cherry Tomato Heart Molds
  • Set of 5 molds in different sizes
  • Clip the mold around the tomato when it is in its very early stages and as it grows, you change to the bigger versions until you end up with the perfect heart shape
  • As soon as the tomato gets in the right shape, you can remove the mold and make another!

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