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Dice-Flix - Let the Dice Decide What to Watch

Dice-Flix - Let the Dice Decide What to Watch

Dice-Flix - Let the Dice Decide What to Watch

Nowadays, there are so many movies and shows to watch on streaming sites that you kind of wish you could just drive over to a local video rental store to save a lot of time... and get out of the house. Well, forget the new daily chore of endlessly scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and let a simple roll of the dice decide your viewing choice for the evening with this cool new Dice-Flix from BubbleGum Stuff. To use, just choose a streaming service of your choice, like Netflix, and roll both dice to make the impossible decision for you. One will display a number and the other will display a direction and that's the movie or show you're going to watch. Don't challenge fate, just go with it and who knows what might discover. To make it more interesting for couples, I think rolling a 1 and Down twice in a row obviously means fate wants you to skip Netflix all together and go right to Chill. 😉

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