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Bill and Ted's Excellent Phone Booth

Bill and Ted's Excellent Phone Booth

Bill and Ted's Excellent Phone Booth

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Teacher: Who was Joan of Arc?

Ted: Noah's wife?

Wish you could time travel throughout history and meet important people like Bob Genghis Khan, So-Crates Johnson, medieval princess babes, and a bunch of other royal ugly dudes? Well, you almost can with this cool new yet quite retro Bill and Ted's Excellent Phone Booth from Cubicall. While this time-traveling phone booth may look like it's ready for an excellent adventure through the Circuits of Time or just a quick trip to the Circle K, it's actually designed as an, almost as cool, personal privacy / telephone call chamber for offices or even at home.

This old-fashioned phone booth from the future features an authentic payphone retrofitted for VOIP / landline service, acoustic panels to help absorb sound... *air guitar*, bi-folding doors, and an umbrella time travel antenna, which unfortunately doesn't work without the Circuits of Time Directory (talk to Rufus). So while open office floor plans are quite bogus, always remember to be excellent to each another... and Party on Dudes!


  • Strange things are afoot in your office
  • A triumphant recreation of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure phone booth
  • Authentic payphone retrofitted for VoIP/landline service
  • Umbrella time travel antenna
  • Features the same stellar benefits of Cubicall phone booths

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