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Massive Penguin Statue

Massive Penguin Statue

Massive Penguin Statue

The extinct Colossus Penguin stood nearly 7 feet tall and the current tallest living Emperor penguin stands only about 4 feet tall, but now you can have a penguin that is sized just right with this cool new Antarctic King Penguin Statue. While it's not a real penguin from Antarctica, this massive 6 foot tall statue of one works perfectly as an epic holiday decoration, a guardian for your garden to scare away the gnomes, unusual pranks, a fun tuxedoed butler near your front door, a mascot for an ice cream shop, a gift for someone who has everything except a penguin, or just place it anywhere you think you may need a really huge penguin. Each oversized penguin is crafted from quality fiberglass that is reinforced with designer resin and then hand-painted.

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