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Cardboard Tank Cat Playhouse

Cardboard Tank Cat Playhouse

Cardboard Tank Cat Playhouse

It's probably not the best idea to teach cats how to use tanks, but it is funny to see them riding around in one like with this cool new Cardboard Tank Cat Playhouse from Suck UK. Yep, this easy to assemble cardboard playhouse for cats looks like a little tank, complete with a moving turret on top. A great hiding spot for your pampered furry feline friend to take cat naps and plan all out surprise attacks.

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  • Cardboard tank playhouse for cats
  • Cats love to play in cardboard boxes, and you won't find a cardboard box more fun than this one
  • Cardboard tank complete with moving turret and cannon comes flat-packed with simple assembly instructions
  • No need for tape or glue
  • Easily fold away for storage
  • Designed and made by Suck UK
  • Size: 13.19" W x 16.93" H x 19.29" D - 1.6 lbs

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