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Never Frozen Heated Bird Bath

Never Frozen Heated Bird Bath

Never Frozen Heated Bird Bath

This winter, when the temperature begins to drop and all the water outside begins to freeze over, give your favorite backyard feathered friends a spa-like retreat to hang out, hydrate, and bathe in with this cool new, er, warm new Thermo-Bird Bath. When ambient air temperatures fall below freezing levels, this unique bird bath automatically warms the water to keep it ice-free all the way down to -20 degrees F using a removable 80 watt heater. It features a natural stone-like durable resin design that sits on the ground and holds up to a gallon of water. It's sure to have the birds, um, flocking to your home this winter season.

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  • Keeps water ice-free giving birds access to water in the coldest winter months
  • Provides ice-free water in temperatures as cold as -20° F
  • Removable 80-watt heater turns on automatically when the ambient temperature reaches freezing
  • Sits on the ground to provide a pond-like experience for birds to gather, drink, and bathe
  • Holds up to a gallon of water
  • Attractive stone color will fit in with any backyard decor
  • Thermostatically controlled to only turn on when needed
  • Made from durable plastic resin
  • Size: 17" D x 23.5" W x 4" H

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