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Rig Tig Drop Colander

Rig Tig Drop Colander

Rig Tig Drop Colander

Wash and rinse your lettuce, herbs, vegetables, fruits, or even rice in a fun, unique way with this cool new Rig Tig Drop Colander from Milanese designer Viviana Degrandi. To use, fill the teardrop-shaped bowl end with your salad ingredients, rotate the lid to form a full sphere, run water down through the spout/handle, and then give it a few hard shakes to drain all the water through the tiny holes. Much more fun than a boring old salad spinner and its compact design takes up much less space as well.

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  • Designer: Viviana Degrandi
  • Teardrop-shaped colander allows you to wash berries, rice, herbs, and salad fixings by running water through the spout handle
  • Colander's bowl opens to load and closes to form a full sphere
  • Water runs through the handle and drains slowly through the bowl's tiny holes
  • A few shakes and the contents are ready to be delivered to a cooking pot or salad bowl
  • A thoughtful, modern take on a kitchen classic
  • Easy to use and also to store when it is folded
  • Capacity: 6.8 liter
  • Size: 6.7" W x 4" D x 13.8" H

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