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Floating Crocodile Pool Decoy

Floating Crocodile Pool Decoy

Floating Crocodile Pool Decoy

This cool new Floating Crocodile Pool Decoy not only deters annoying birds and animals from your pool, pond, yard, or patio, it's also a fantastic way to prank and terrify your friends and family. While it may look like a real croc is swimming through the water, this faux crocodile is actually just a realistic buoyant decoy being carried along by the water movement and wind. It's designed mainly as an effective deterrent to birds, but it's also perfect to let float behind people or to scare off unwanted little kids away from the pool. Also perfect for the bathtub or shower, pulling across a neighbor's lawn with invisible string, and tossing into a hot tub full of people. Also available as just a floating head.

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