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Titan Garden Arch

Titan Garden Arch

Titan Garden Arch

This cool new Titan Arch not only provides strong support for vines, hanging roses, clematis, and more, it also makes a stately archway entrance to a garden or even a magical tunnel over a pathway when several are all lined up in a row. It stands seven feet tall, is extra-sturdy to support large plants, and has a polyethylene coating to protect the inner steel tubing. Personally, I think it would be cool to grow vertical climbing vegetables on it like peas, pole beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more so that you can grab a quick healthy snack on your way through.

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  • 7' tall stately garden arch is a standout in the landscape
  • Elegant design puts the spotlight on climbing roses, clematis, scarlet runner beans, vines, and more
  • Extra-sturdy to support large plants
  • Polyethylene coating protects the 3/4" diameter steel tubing
  • Line up several to form an allée over a path
  • In high wind areas or if covered with heavy vines, embedding the stakes in concrete is recommended
  • Size: 55.5" W x 7' H x 12" D - 8 lbs

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