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Barisieur Coffee and Tea Alarm Clock

Barisieur Coffee and Tea Alarm Clock

Barisieur Coffee and Tea Alarm Clock

The best part of waking up is not having to roll out of bed, shuffle down to the coffee machine, make the coffee, and then take your first sip of the day, it's reaching over to shut off the alarm clock which also made a cup of coffee for you. This cool new Barisieur Coffee and Tea Alarm Clock is just that, a sleek, modern bedside alarm clock with a built-in coffee or tea maker on top. Just set the alarm and the time you want your coffee ready, sleep peacefully through the night, and the next morning you will awaken to the sound of a beep and the enticing aroma of fresh brewed coffee. It features an induction coil that boils water safely in only 3-4 minutes, a centralized milk vessel that's chilled by an integrated peltier cooler, an easy to see digital display, a storage drawer that houses a stirring spoon, and a sealed coffee or tea drawer. It's also great for the office if you like to nod off at your desk at work.

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