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Silicone Turkey Lifter

Silicone Turkey Lifter

Silicone Turkey Lifter

This Thanksgiving or anytime you'll be cooking a big turkey dinner, use this cool new Silicone Turkey Lifter to lift and transport the bird from the roasting pan to the cutting board with ease. To use, just slip this silicone sling under a turkey before putting it into the oven, leave it there until it's done cooking, and then use the integrated handles to move it. It's heat-resistant to 445° F and holds up to a 21 pound bird. Handy.

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  • Put this flexible sling under your turkey when you put it into the oven
  • When done cooking, just lift it by the handles and transport to your cutting board effortlessly
  • Heat-resistant to 445 degrees F
  • Holds up to 21 lbs
  • Made from silicone
  • Hand wash
  • Size: 24" L x 11.5" W

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